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Visitation - a Catholic Community

Sister Parish

Sister Parish

Since 1988, Visitation Parish has had a sister parish relationship with Santa Maria Madre de los Pobres (Madre). Our sister parish is located in a neighborhood of over 30,000 people, in the midst of extreme poverty in a country far less advantaged than our own. In Madre, we experience a people rich in Gospel faith that challenges our presumptions about the world and stretches our hearts. In a relationship of equals, we both give and we both receive - in ways that are difficult to measure. Our annual donation supports the CAPI, Madre's early childhood development program that serves 140 children daily. There are 4 ways to be involved in our sister parish relationship:

Become a  Sponsor/"Godparent" 

Visitation participates in a child sponsorship program that offers individuals the opportunity to make an annual contribution to support a child from Madre. Currently, 95 Visitation families are involved in the program that helps provide school shoes and uniforms, school supplies, and medical, dental and nutrition assistance.

Join a Delegation

Each year, Visitation conducts a medical delegation of doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals, providing a weeklong health clinic for our sisters and brothers at Madre. Every third year, parishioners are invited to participate in a solidarity delegation, visiting El Salvador and interacting with the Madre community. Both delegations bring the Sister Parish relationship to life.

Provide Clean Drinking Water

For a contribution of $75.00, donors can provide clean drinking water to a family at Madre through our Water for Madre program. Water for Madre provides water filters that can be used to purify tap water for 10 years and make it healthy and clean for families to use.

Support Sister Parish Activities 

Every July, the parish holds the Margaret Giblin Taco Dinner to support our Sister Parish relationship. In addition, our Sister Parish committee holds Salvadoran craft sales and sells t-shirts, note cards and Salvadoran coffee to benefit our brothers and sisters in El Salvador. 

For more information about our Sister Parish, delegations to El Salvador or the Child Sponsorship program, contact Karen Miller at 753-5155 x1308 or