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Visitation - a Catholic Community



The Sacrament of Confirmation can be approached in three ways:

  • The first, and most common, is for sophomores in high school. After a semester of preparation, which includes a retreat, the candidates are confirmed by Bishop Johnston in a ceremony at Visitation Church in the spring.

  • Confirmation preparation is also offered to adult practicing Catholics who are 21 or older. These are people who have been Catholic all their life but missed this Sacrament along the way. Each year, the Bishop celebrates the Sacrament in June at the Cathedral. Preparation takes place at Visitation.

  • Individuals who are not practicing Catholics should look at the Becoming Catholic - RCIA section of this website for more information.

High School Confirmation: Contact Chris Sanders at 753-5155 x1309 or
Adult Confirmation/RCIA: Contact Teresa Albright at 753-5155 x1306 or

To access all the information for the 2021-22 high school Confirmation program, visit our High School Confirmation page.