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Visitation - a Catholic Community

Worship Space Ministries

Worship Space Ministries

Art & Environment Committee

The Art & Environment Committee is responsible for enhancing the sacred space with signs and symbols, color and beauty to bring out the nature of the feasts and seasons. 

Candle Team

The Candle Team volunteers maintain (clean and replace) votives and other candles throughout the church, St. Joseph Chapel and Blessed Sacrament Chapel. Coordinating the Candle Team is Jeanne Hanson.


Volunteer docents are trained to give tours of Visitation Church. Tours are given to new members at special welcome events as well as to outside organizations and parishioners by appointment.

Linen Team

The Linen Team cares for the purificators, finger towels and cloths used for the Eucharistic celebrations. They wash and iron the linens on a rotating basis. 

For more information about involvement in a Worship Space ministry, please contact Alejandro Manso at 753-5155 x1307 or


Art & Environment members Julie McFarland &
Tina Blanck prepare for Palm Sunday.








Visitation docent Rita Schaefer conducts a tour
of our worship space.