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Living Gratefully

Living Gratefully

Gratitude is key to our lives as stewards. We are called to consider the many blessings we have received and show our gratitude for those gifts each and every day. Here are some suggestions for how to live gratefully:

        Spend time with those we love. If we are truly grateful, we know that our loved ones helped make us that way and we should spend quality time with those people whenever we can.

        Count our blessings every day. We should take time to say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the gifts we have received or write our blessings in a journal. Naming the things for which we are grateful can help to create gratitude on those days when we are not “feeling” it.

        Serve others. Volunteering can help to make us more keenly aware of everything we have been given. The gift that we are giving when we share our time and talent will foster gratitude in others, too.

        Use social media to spread good news. Studies show that positive messages spread faster than negative. So, if we are truly grateful that is the news we should share in our tweets, pics and status updates. A snowball effect may result.

        Don’t take anything for granted. Being grateful for the mundane, everyday things in life can help us focus on how truly blessed we are.

        Use our strengths for good. Each of us has unique talents and abilities. We need to acknowledge our strengths and find the ways that we can best use those gifts for good.

         Say thank you sincerely and often. We need to get into the habit of acknowledging every act of kindness that comes our way day in and day out and let others know we truly appreciate them.


 We'd love to hear how you live gratefully. If you have a story or idea to share, please contact Megan Burdolski at 753-5155 x1305 or