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Visitation - a Catholic Community



Stewardship is what we are called to do as disciples of Jesus - to share our gifts with God and others. We exercise our stewardship by contributing time, talent and financial resources with the parish and other organizations and by performing acts of caring and kindness towards our fellow man.

Stewardship & Development Mission Statement

The mission of the Stewardship & Development Ministry Team is to create an environment in which stewardship is an act of faith. Knowing that we grow in faith as we give of ourselves, we promote the sharing of time, talent and treasure within our community and beyond.

Stewardship & Development Ministry Team


Megan Burdolski

Don Lueke

Audrey Burns

Msgr. Brad Offutt

Tom Houts

Mike Sonnenberg





For more information about stewardship at Visitation, contact Megan Burdolski at 753-5155 x1305 or





A Christian steward . . .

Receives God's gifts gratefully.

Cultivates God's gifts responsibly.

Shares God's gifts lovingly in justice with others.

Returns God's gifts with increase to the Lord.


from To Be A Christian Steward

A Summary of the U.S. Bishops'

Pastoral Letter on Stewardship, 1992