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Visitation - a Catholic Community

School of Religion

School of Religion

With the parish mission statement as our foundation, the mission of the Visitation School of Religion is:

  • to create a sense of community and belonging for children of the parish who are not enrolled in the parish school

  • to assist their parents in sharing the tradition of our Catholic faith

  • to teach, lead and encourage students in the practice of prayer

  • to encourage a familiarity and love of Scripture

  • to help foster an awareness of the presence of God in their daily lives

  • to foster an awareness of the social teaching of the Church

  • to see their gifts as God-given to be used in service to neighbor and society

If you have questions or need additional information about the School of Religion, please contact the parish office at 753-7422.


School of Religion Registration

Online registration for 2020-2021 School of Religion is now closed. Contact Teresa Albright for late registration.


2020-21 School of Religion Schedule

Click the link above to access the Winter/Spring 2021 printable schedule for this year's SOR program.

For questions or more information about School of Religion, contact Teresa Albright at 753-5155 x1306.