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Visitation - a Catholic Community

Worship Space

Worship Space

Visitation Church was expanded and renovated in 2004. The 2004 renovation of Visitation kept the original facade, arched walkways, parish office (former rectory) and rectory (former convent), while maintaining throughout the church the stucco walls and colorful painted ornamentation reminiscent of "Spanish colonial style." Designed to give the parish a sacred home that will last for generations, the renovated church seats 800. Here are some of the highlights of our beautiful church:


Blessed Sacrament Chapel

The tabernacle in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel sits on a direct axis with the altar, connecting it to the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist. The tabernacle, where the Eucharist is reserved for the sick and the dying, is housed in a reredos (screen) made of carved wood enhanced with gesso, polychrome and gold leaf. Solid oak monastic seating orients those praying to the reserved Eucharist, the Blessed Sacrament. 

Rosary Chapel 

The Rosary Chapel, located behind the predella wall, offers a quiet respite for prayer and reflection. Three paintings, companion pieces from the 18th century Peruvian School of Cuzco, grace the walls of this chapel. The three paintings deptict The Annunciation and Joseph's Dream, the Betrothal of Joseph and Mary, and the Presentation in the Temple.


Church Doors

The three sets of doors on the front facade of the church and the patio door leading to the St. Joseph Chapel were designed and made by Visitation parishioner John Riley. The doors are made of solid white oak; the joinery of all the doors is pegged and the joints are splined mortise and tenon. The main doors have the same design pattern on the front and back and are reminiscent of doors found in California Spanish mission churches.

Sun and Moon Windows

Inspired by the signature Visitation quatrefoil window that remains on the facade of the church, the Sun and Moon stained glass windows face each other on the north and south walls of the nave. Designed to honor God's gift of creation, each window features one of the original rondeles (the sun and the sliver of the moon) created for the 1974 renovation. The setting of the sun and the rising of the moon mark the passing of what Greeks called Chronos (human time). Entering this holy space, we are invited to put aside the concerns and duties of human time and surrender to the mystery of Kairos (God's time), where, in unique moments and inexplicable events, hearts are opened and faith is renewed.


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Did You Know?

It is said that, in the early 1920s, J.C. Nichols admired Visitation's newly constructed church so much that he featured it prominently on brochures advertising the new Country Club residential district. And when Nichols hired architect Ed Tanner to design the Country Club Plaza shopping district, begun in 1922, the area echoed the Spanish Colonial style.


For more information about Visitation's worship space, please contact the parish office at 753-7422.