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Visitation - a Catholic Community

Parish Council

Parish Council

Purpose and Mission of the Parish Council

  • Consider and consult with the Pastor to establish and set goals, objectives and the general vision and direction of the parish

  • Develop and review the policies of the Parish concerning all endeavors undertaken on behalf of or in the name of Visitation Church and, through Parish Ministry teams serving under the direction of the Parish Council, establish the same to guide and direct the activities, projects and conduct of all such groups in their endeavors for the benefit of the entire faith community

  • Coordinate the ministries or areas of service within the Parish for the benefit of the entire faith community

  • Provide guidance and direction to all Parish Ministry Teams and other groups engaged in the implementation of the policies of the Parish and to coordinate and resolve the implementation of said policies among the Parish Ministry Teams and those involved in such effort, for the benefit of the entire faith community

2019-2020 Parish Council

Angela Accurso
Social Concerns Ministry Team

Tina Mateski
Administrative Ministry Team

Jenny Anderson
Chair (2020)

Liz Murray
School Ministry Team

Josh Batz
Vice-Chair (2021)

Rev. Bradley S. Offutt

Paul Diamond
At-Large (2020)

Anne Ryan
At-Large (2022)

Lorraine Gordon
Faith Formation Team

Sally Sallee
At-Large (2022)

Don Lueke
Stewardship Ministry Team

Dylan Schoening
Secretary (2021) 

For more information about Parish Council meetings, agenda topics or serving as a Council member, contact Megan Burdolski, Parish Council Staff Liaison at 753-5155 x1305 or